Professors’ Council established at the university of Lapland


On the opening day of the academic year, a decision was made to establish a council of professors. Its members consist of all the professors who are employed by the University of Lapland.

The Professors’ Council is an academic body that provides consultation and comments on important university-related issues in support of our administration, research and development, teaching, societal interaction, and stakeholder collaboration. It enables knowledge construction between our faculties and units as well as new openings at the boundaries of various fields of science and art.

In addition, it increases interaction, collaboration, and coordination between the faculties and units, advances our academic educatedness, and promotes the inclusion of the members of our community.

– The Professors’ Council enhances our internal dialogue in many ways, notes Markku Vieru, Chair of the University of Lapland chapter of the Finnish Union of University Professors.

The initial meeting decided to enter a note on the Professors’ Council into the Administrative Rules of Procedure of the university. The members of the working group on the rules of procedure represent the faculties, the Arctic Centre, the university Board, and the local chapter of the Finnish Union of University Professors. The group members are as follows: Mauri Ylä-Kotola (Chair), Heli Ruokamo, Monica Tennberg, Matti Nojonen, Suvi Ronkainen, Jarno Valkonen, and Markku Vieru.

The working group draws up a proposal on the tasks and operating principles of the Professors’ Council.

Further information:

Professor Markku Vieru
Finnish Union of University Professors, Lapland chapter