Recognition of prior learning


Have you already completed university studies elsewhere? Have you had jobs, hobbies, or positions of trust through which you have acquired skills that are important in your studies? Have you received supplementary training?

Through recognition of prior learning (RPL) you do not need to restudy things that you already have learned. You can thus use RPL to advance your expertise and to expedite your graduation. In addition, you will learn to analyse your expertise.

On 14 August 2017 Vice-Rector Kaarina Määttä approved the updated credit transfer application instructions of the University of Lapland.  

Your credit transfer application may be based on previous studies or expertise acquired by some other means. There are two ways to apply for credit transfer: (1) including previous studies in your degree and (2) substituting previous studies for those required for your degree.

You may also use your other acquired skills to substitute for your degree studies. These skills may have been obtained through supplementary training, employment, projects, positions of trust, hobbies, and so on.

The RPL procedure is worth using because it will speed up your studies.

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