Research Professor Rauna Kuokkanen selected for the Fullbright Arctic Initiative III


Research Professor Rauna Kuokkanen was selected for the Fullbright Arctic Initiative III -program for 2021–2022. 18 outstanding scholars and practitioners from Arctic Council’s member countries were selected to participate in the program, of whom two are from Finland.

Program participants will spend 18‐months engaged in addressing public‐policy research questions relevant to Arctic nations’ shared challenges. Program participants will focus their research on one of the following Fulbright Arctic Initiative themes: Arctic Security and Cooperation, Arctic Infrastructure in a Changing Environment, and Community Dimensions of Health

Further information about Fulbright Arctic Initiative III

News about Finnish representatives on Fulbright Finland News 2/2020 -magazine (Issuu, p.4)

Further information:

Rauna Kuokkanen
040 484 4350