Research portal renewed at the University of Lapland: A world of research at your fingertips


Last year the university overhauled the research portal presenting its research and artistic activity. The portal now meets the needs of the university, its diverse partners, and researchers better than before.

The portal update was a considerable achievement, because our university produces a great deal of information on research and artistic activity. The vast knowledge base requires a number of features from the system. A crucial requirement is that knowledge can be grouped at different levels – the individual, research groups, and the entire university.

Osmo Rätti, the vice-rector responsible for research, is content with the renewed portal that was launched in January 2021:

– The portal is a window through which everyone can easily get a glimpse the world of research conducted at our university. Its contents and functions have been designed to meet the needs of the university, its partners, and researchers, Rätti notes.

According to Rätti, the content production still continues. Existing information is supplemented, new entities are added, and new information is concurrently also being created automatically. The portal is being developed on a long-term basis with an aim to provide a comprehensive picture of the various forms of research and development carried out at the university.

New user-friendly features

The portal has improved search functions that allow you to search information for instance on experts, publications, projects, units, and research groups. It also presents research groups, communities, and networks, which often provide a clearer picture of the themes of research than individual projects.

The new features also include the ”fingerprint” of an expert or unit. It is a cloud of keywords constructed automatically from the salient concepts of publications. Through the most important keywords, a fingerprint provides an idea of the research an expert or unit is engaged in. In addition, publication data contain information on the popularity of publications in social media.

Domestic and international research is presented through an illustrative map application. By clicking the objects on the map, you get more information on the scientific and artistic activity related to each region.

Finally, the portal now also shows the dedicated working facilities of art and design at the university, that is, our various laboratories and studios. Some of them can be utilised for collaboration between the faculty and external actors.

Research portal:

Further information:

Osmo Rätti, Vice-Rector Responsible for Research
040 013 8804