Responsible tourism network to be launched in Lapland, Finland


Lapland tourism is growing faster than ever before. This growth has generated discussions about how to ensure that tourism activities are conducted responsible today and in the future. The new network will gather Lappish tourism organizations to discuss and develop together more responsible tourism practices. This network, which aims to make Lapland a leading responsible destination, is launched in collaboration between the Tourism Research Degree of the University of Lapland and Harriniva Hotels and Safaris.

Responsible tourism will play an important role in Lapland in the future, as the market demand for responsible services will continue to rise. Harriniva Hotels & Safaris’ CEO Niina Pietikäinen thinks that, in general, Lappish tourism companies operate in a responsible way. The new network will not only promote cooperation and information exchange among different stakeholders, but also increase the visibility of Lapland as a responsible destination.

– Tourists are nowadays more aware and conscious of social and environmental issues. Therefore, responsible tourism as a business strategy is a good choice, says Pietikäinen.

According to Pietikäinen, the creation of the Responsible Tourism Network is a natural continuation of the long collaboration forged with the Tourism Research Degree of the University of Lapland.

Senior Lecturer, PhD José-Carlos García-Rosell of University of Lapland
stresses, that the development of responsible tourism demands, above all, an open dialogue with different actors. Any company, authority, research- and educational organization or stakeholder working or interested in responsible tourism is welcome into the network.

Recent public discussions have drawn attention to the negative impacts that tourism growth can have on local society and nature. These concerns are justified, as there are signs of uncontrolled tourism growth in many destination around the world.

-At its best, a network focusing on responsible tourism can contribute to generating positive benefits to local communities, employees, tourists and nature, says García-Rosell.

The Lapland Responsible Tourism Network will meet for the first time in Muonio, September 12-13.9.2018.

Further information:

José-Carlos García-Rosell, PhD, Senior Lecturer, University of Lapland
+358 (0) 40 484 4190

Niina Pietikäinen, CEO, Harriniva Hotels & Safaris
+358 (0) 44 3089876