Sámi Society Matters


Edited by Professor Jarno Valkonen and Associate Professor Sanna Valkonen, the book Sámi Society Matters contains scientific articles written by Senior Scientist Elina Helander-Renvall, PhD. Dr. Helander-Renvall’s long career as a developer and pioneer of Sámi research has been outstanding. She ranks as one of the most esteemed Sámi researchers worldwide

Sámi Society Matters provides a comprehensive account of Elina Helander-Renvall’s research and thinking. The book’s articles depict the Sámi in terms of their society and culture, their relationship with nature, and the interests of their social groups. In addition, the book discusses the Sámi worldview as well as the character and challenges of the Sámi and Sámi knowledge.

During her career, Dr. Helander-Renvall has studied many topics that touch the essence of Sámi society: Sámi knowledge and know-how, traditional ecological knowledge and environmental issues, common law, the Sámi–nature relationship, the relationship between humans and animals, and Sámi spirituality and mythology. In addition, she has analyzed the gendered structures of Sámi societies and brought out the voices and experiences of women through her research.

Dr. Helander-Renvall has strived to understand and depict the everyday lives and the related problems of the Sámi. She has also contributed to Sámi epistemology By studying Sámi culture and society on their own terms, from their own perspectives, and in and of themselves. By analyzing the internal logic and dynamics of Sámi society and culture she has made visible the way in which they have functioned and lived now and before.

Sámi Society Matters is a tribute to Elina Helander-Renvall’s extensive work and research. It is intended for the academic community as well anyone interested in Sámi culture, the Sámi–nature relationship, and Sámi knowledge and know-how. The book also serves as a textbook and an overview of Sámi society.

Further information from the editor:

Jarno Valkonen, firstname.lastname@ulapland.fi

Information on the publication:
Elina Helander-Renvall: Sámi Society Matters
Lapland University Press: Rovaniemi 2016. 191 pages
Language: English

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