Sámi short films shown at the University of Lapland on the Sámi National Day


The Sámi National Day is celebrated on the 6th of February. To honour the occasion, Sámi short films will be shown at our university on that day in Esko- ja Asko-sali from 14:00 onward (total 77 min.).

The event is organised in cooperation between our Sámi research personnel and the Skábmagovat Indigenous Peoples Film Festival that celebrates its 20th anniversary. Many of the films had their world or national premiere during a festival in Inari at the end of February.

Seize this unique opportunity to see the films in Rovaniemi! The language of the films is Sámi and they are subtitled in English, except for one that has Finnish subtitles. After the show, you can help yourself to a cup of coffee offered by the University of Lapland.

There is an exhibition outside Esko- ja Asko-sali on the lifework of Leif Rantala (1947-2015), the first lecturer in Sámi language and culture at the University of Lapland. Rantala started in this position in 1984 and continued until retirement in 2010. During his career Rantala became an acclaimed expert on Kola Sámi culture. The exhibition is part of a friendship seminar arranged in honour of Leif Rantala last autumn in Inari by the Sámi Museum Siida and the Sámi Archives.

We welcome everyone to take part in this event!

Have a happy Sámi National Day!

Sápmi – The Way of Being
Sápmi/Finland, 2017, 13′
Directed by: Arttu Nieminen
Production: Joonas Saari / Sámediggi, Dead Standing Tree Films
Languages: saame, text. English

Sápmi/Finland, 2017, 6′
Directed by: Niki Rasmus
Languages: pohjoissaame, text. suomi
Production: Sogsakk

Nuoraid jietna / The Voice of Sámi Youth
Sápmi/Suomi, 2017, 10′
Directed by: Lada Suomenrinne
Screenplay: Lada Suomenrinne, Niki Rasmus
Languages: pohjois,- inarin-, koltansaame, suomi, englanti, text. English

Morit Elena Morit / Wake Up Elena Wake Up
Sápmi/Ruotsi. 2017, 5’
Directed by/Screenplay/Production: Inga Wiktoria Påve, Anders Sunna
Languages: Pohjoissaame, text. English

Sámi Sherlock
Sápmi/Suomi, 2017, 10′
Directed by/Screenplay: Niki Rasmus
Production: Xia Torikka / Yle Sápmi
Languages: pohjoissaame, inarinsaame, suomi text. English

Eatnanvuloš lottit / Maan sisällä linnut / Birds in the Earth
Sápmi/Suomi, 2018, 10′
Directed by/Screenplay: Marja Helander
Kielet: ei dialogia, text. pohjoissaame, English

Boom Boom
Sápmi/Ruotsi, Norja, 2018, 17´
Directed by/Screenplay: Per Josef Idivuoma
Production: Oskar Njajta Östergen, Mathis Ståle Mathisen, Per Josef Idivuoma
Languages: pohjoissaame, Swedish, text. English

Sálbma/ Virsi
Sápmi/Suomi, 2017, 6´
Directed by: Katja Gauriloff
Languages: pohjoissaame
Production: Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman

Total 77 min.