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Satu Uusiautti looks upon the future in a positive way: ”The keys to success stem from the people that we have here at the university”


According to Satu Uusiautti, the University of Lapland has a lot to give to the world as well as northern Finland. Embarking on her second term, the vice-rector for education is set to continue fostering straightforward discussions with personnel and students.

A strong international academic community that educates experts by sagaciously drawing on top research. This is how the future of the University of Lapland is perceived by Satu Uusiautti, the vice-rector for education. Just recently appointed to the position for a second term, Uusiautti regards the small size of the university as an asset that enables agile action.

–We have great possibilities to create multidisciplinary entities, under the same roof as we are. Moreover, we collaborate closely with Lapland UAS, Uusiautti notes.

She herself is the offspring of the University of Lapland. Before her present post, Uusiautti made her way through the career path to a professorship in education. She was drawn to the position of vice-rector for education by its versatility and significance: It offers a possibility to help the university confront the turmoil of the world.

During her career, Uusiautti has studied success in work, positive leadership, and well-being, which is an advantage in her present position. In fact, every day she considers our personnel’s strengths and endeavours to build the future of the university on them.

– The keys to success stem from the very people that we have here at the university.

The corona years highlighted our personnel’s strong commitment

Uusiautti’s first term as the vice-rector for education was a plunge into the deep end. She had only held the position for three months when the pandemic changed everything. Right after that, in 2021, the university was faced with an audit. Looking back, in those days everyone made a concerted effort and worked enthusiastically when the going got tough. People’s commitment came to the fore.

– I’m confident that we can make it, Uusiautti recalls herself thinking.

In terms of the beginning term as vice-rector, she expects to witness the progress of Finnish universities’ joint digivision, the strategic enhancement of continuous learning, and the internationalisation of education, where the goals are ambitious. Development projects that support well-being are also underway. The aim is to outline flexibility in teaching and to reinforce the guidance of students.

– You need to have a keen ear for the experiences of both students and teachers.

Education provided by our university has a great influence on society

The University of Lapland educates specialists to meet the needs of the northern job market and Finland as a whole. It produces experts for special sectors and awards more generic degrees in the fields of social sciences, education, arts, and law. The most recent educational responsibility concerns special pedagogy. Uusiautti points out that more than half of our students are from other parts of Finland.

– The best way to attract talent to the region is through the University of Lapland.

An extra flavour to the arrangement is given by our increasing educational collaboration with Lapland UAS. For example, cooperation with the technology sector may bring about something new and surprising.

– We attempt to create innovative combinations and to offer Lapland and other places new expertise through them.

Straightforward cooperation as a resource

ULapland has a lot to offer internationally as well. Uusiautti thinks that the education provided by the university plays an important role in promoting social and cultural sustainability, among other things. We also have strong Arctic research networks that draw global attention. They will benefit us in educational development.

– To be sure, the knowledge stemming from these themes can be scaled up to a global level, Uusiautti states.

Uusiautti sees a bright future ahead of us. As for her new term as vice-rector for education, she expects seamless collaboration to continue not only with personnel, but also with students. You can make a calendar appointment if you wish to have a chat with her.

– The door to my office is open.

Satu Uusiautti

· Born in 1980. Hails from Autti village, Rovaniemi

· Doctor of education by education. Wrote her dissertation on success in work.

· Has worked at the University of Lapland e.g. as a specialist in international scientific publication and an associate professor and full professor of education.

· Vice-rector for education at the University of Lapland as of 2019.

· Reads detective stories in free time. Enjoys trolling and ice-fishing in the vicinity of her summer place by the river Kemijoki.