Service Design Research Group Receives Trans-Atlantic Platform Funding for Social Innovation Research


SEEYouth research project is focusing on developing new ways to prevent youth marginalization, improving youth employment and increasing opportunities for the youth through design and Art Based Research (ABR). Multi-disciplinary project utilizes social sciences and arts in the development of Trans-Atlantic Mirroring (T-AM) method. This enables to create holistic and analytical view on complex societal challenges through design and art-based methods.

SEEYouth project is funded by the Finnish Academy, UK Research and Innovation, Fonds de recherche du Québec—Société et culture (FRQSC) ja FundaçãodeAmparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP) in Brazil with 636 698 euro. Project consortium is led by the University of Lapland and it includes: University of São Paulo, University of Montreal, University of Leeds ja São Paulo State University. In addition to research institutes there are regional collaborators involved.Finnish collaborators are for example SOS – children’s village and the City of Kemi.

PI is dean and service design professor Satu Miettinen. Research proposal was prepared by senior researchers Enni Mikkonen, Tiina Seppälä ja Melanie Sarantou, researcher Mari Suoheimo, professors Heidi Pietarinen ja Ana Nuutinen and advisors Petra Falin, Satu Pesola, Harri Malinen and Karol Kowalski from research services. Many thanks for everyone included and helping with the preparations.

SEEYouth research project will strengthen impact of service design research on societal challenges. One of the outcomes will be white paper outlining recommendations based on research findings. This is disseminated and utilised by T-AP.

More information about T-AP funding and research: https://www.transatlanticplatform.com/

More information on SEEYouth:
professor Satu Miettinen satu.miettinen(at)ulapland.fi
senior researcher Enni Mikkonen enni.mikkonen(at)ulapland.fi