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Stop the whining buzz of mosquitoes – join to design the natural mosquito repellent at the F.BAD checkpoint in Helsinki Design Week


Future Bio-Arctic Design (F.BAD) project develops organic, non-toxic and durable mosquito repellent textile. Through interdisciplinary scientific research and textile design, we take a stand on climate change, chemical overloading and toxic finishing of textiles.

We want to bring our own innovative and open learning space to the HDW week Helsinki Design Week through an interactive installation workshop called: Stop the whining buzz of mosquitoes – join to design the natural mosquito repellent at the F.BAD checkpoint". We collect information from the participants with fun and interactive ways with four different tasks. Participants can engage in our research and design processes, to utilize our research results, and hear interesting information about research, design and the life of mosquitoes.

Place: Rautatientori, Helsinki 5.-6.9.2019 at 12-18

Organizer: Helsinki design Week 2019/ Future Bio-Arctic Design (F.BAD) -project: Natural Resources Institute Finland, University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences

more information:







Tutkija Susan Kunnas, Luonnonvarakeskus, puh. 0295325299, susan.kunnas@luke.fi

Professori Heidi Pietarinen, Lapin yliopisto, puh. 040 484 4401, heidi.pietarinen@ulapland.fi

Projektisuunnittelija Reeta Sipola, Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu, puh. 040 704 0027, reeta.sipola@lapinamk.fi

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