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Fashion workshop Osallistujat_uutiskuva.jpg
Group photo by Ana Nuutinen

Student collections participating in the Arctic Design Week fashion show


The collections, designed jointly by the students of the University of Lapland and the Politecnico di Milano, will be on display at the Arctic Design Week fashion show in Rovaniemi on Sunday, March 27, 2022. Responsibility has been emphasized in many ways in the designs.

The collections at the fashion show have been implemented in an international course, by the students from the University of Lapland's School of Fashion, Textile Art and Material Studies and the students from the Politecnico di Milan, School of Design. The group of 19 students comes from different countries: Finland, Italy, China, Japan, Chile, Mozambique.

Ryhmä Acne ompelua_uutiskuva.jpg
Work in progress. Photo by students

Students have made interpretations of famous international brands by producing No waste-themed Capsule collections. Interpretations have been made by designing and manufacturing clothing, accessories and looks from recycled clothing and materials.

– No waste -thinking aims to ensure that no cutting waste is generated at all or that it is used for some other purpose. When designing No waste-themed Capsule collections, it is important to carefully consider the choices of leftover materials and recycled clothing, so that the brands´ messages can also be delivered to the audience, says Professor Ana Nuutinen.

Ryhmä Sacai_uutiskuva.jpg
Work in progress. Photo by stydents

According to Nuutinen, it has been great to build a collaboration with Professor Debora Sinibaldi and her student group. The collaboration will culminate in ADW Week in Rovaniemi.

The cooperation between Rovaniemi and Milan consisted of weekly online meetings in January-March this year. Digitalisation has played a key role: teams have been able to meet easily, information has been exchanged both orally and in writing, as well as with gestures and expressions. It has paved the way for this week’s as we all gathered at the university to finalize the collections for the fashion show.

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