Students of Primary Teacher Education Produced “State of Emergency” -Videos about COVID-19


In order to celebrate International Arts Education Week (25.-31.5.2020) students of primary teacher education publish State of Emergency” -videos.

The curriculum of primary teacher education in University of Lapland includes a course in Visual Art (5 ECTS). In this course, the original idea for the little task connected with video editing had to be changed due to Covid-19. Instead of having an instructed face-to-face session and working in teams, students made independently videos about the theme “State of Emergency” with their own devices. They were free to choose the point of view and the genre. Due to copyright restrictions with music, we can share only three videos.

The responsible teacher of the course was senior lecturer in art education Seija Ulkuniemi (Faculty of Education).

Wilma Heikkinen: Corona

Riikka Tikkanen: Life goes on

Annastiina Luokkala: With toilet paper against corona

Further information:

Seija Ulkuniemi
040 484 4143