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Students of the University of Lapland can find internships and jobs from the beginning of April in JobTeaser


Aarresaari's JobTeaser, which is a service shared by all Finnish universities. University of Lapland student, log in to the service and create your own profile.

As a student, you will find job, internship or thesis jobs in the service, which, as a rule, require academic competence and correspond to the fields of study of universities. You can access the service by logging in with your university's Haka account at ulapland.jobteaser.com. This platform is only available to the University of Lapland's own students and alumni. JobTeaser will replace the Valojobs service ending on 1 April, 2024.

After logging in, the first thing you need to do is create your own profile in the service and choose your field of study. The choice of field of study is important in order to see offers for places in the service. At the same time, you can activate the job search tracker and get information about events and workshops that support your career. You will also have access to inspiring tips to strengthen your job search skills.