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Summer Institute on Smart Ecosystems in Rural Areas


The 16th Annual International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) Summer Institute 2019 is held at the University of Lapland over two weeks at the end of June. The Institute convenes for two weeks with students and academic staff from 18 countries.

Global change drivers present in rural studies include demographic changes, the demand for natural resources, globalization, and climate change. The theme of ICRPS 2019 is “Enhancing Smart Ecosystems in Rural Areas” and its sub-themes deal with food policies and food security, the built environment and the governance model in remote regions. The themes also concern the transition from a fossil economy to a green economy, education, social justice and indigenous groups in rural areas and rural development policies.

The lectures and visits hosted by international and local scholars and experts focus on the tensions between natural resources, food security, the regional economy and nature-based livelihoods in sparsely-populated areas. The participants examine themes relating to rural policies and territories through lectures and field trips to enterprises in Lapland.

“Summer Institute is an unique opportunity to discuss comparative rural policy issues from across Europe and North America. Over the two weeks, we will explore topics such as governance, food security, economic development, and migration. We are delighted to be in Rovaniemi and working with partners at the University of Lapland and the surrounding communities”, says Professor Ryan Gibson from the University of Guelph (Canada).

The ICRPS program brings together an international, multi-disciplinary group of academics, students and professionals to study the many facets of rural policy, from policy formulation to policy impacts. The coordinators of the 16th ICRPS Summer Institute are the University of Lapland in partnership with Nordregio (Nordic countries), Rural Advisory Services ProAgria, the Natural Resource Institute of Finland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Further information about the 2019 ICRPS Summer Institute is available at www.2019.icrps.org

Professor Timo Aarrevaara
University of Lapland
+358 40 4844267

Researcher Riikka Kangas
University of Lapland


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