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Suomen Ulkomaankaupan Edistämisrahasto (SUE): Grant application period for Master's theses is open


In spring 2020 Suomen Ulkomaankaupan Edistämisrahasto (SUE) [the Finnish foreign trade promotion fund], the University of Lapland, and the University of Eastern Finland signed a collaboration agreement with an aim to support Master's theses that address the internationalisation or export of companies in Lapland and eastern Finland. The grant application period is open between 1 December 2022 and 8 January 2023.

Twice a year the universities perform an initial selection and give a proposal to SUE on the Master's theses to be supported. The amount allocated to each thesis is 2,500 euros, of which half is paid to the author after the Board of SUE has approved the support and another half after the faculty has approved the thesis.

The core issues are the quality of the research plan and its level of ambition. In addition, after the research plan has been approved, the research is to be finalised within the schedule defined by universities.

The thesis is to comply with one of the following criteria:

  • It is related to the internationalisation or export of businesses in Lapland or eastern Finland.
  • It is related to the internationalisation or export of the Finnish business sector.
  • It is written in cooperation with one or several local businesses aiming for internationalisation OR in cooperation with a local actor promoting internationalisation (e.g. ELY or the chambers of commerce).

The plan should manifest a clear connection between the study and international trade. Further, the research should present new or unknown themes that have not been studied much thus far.

When the thesis is ready, its results are presented to the industry, delivered to the media, and communicated broadly through social media to businesses and the industry.

How to apply?

The suggestions for grant candidates should be sent to the education vice-rector by email [Satu.Uusiautti (at)] by January 8, 2023. The proposal should be sent by the supervisor of the Master's thesis after checking that the aforementioned conditions are met. The strategic Education Management and Development Group will review proposals and sent the University of Lapland's candidate to SUE board by January 15, 2023.

Further information:

Vice-rector Satu Uusiautti, Satu.Uusiautti (at)
SUE foundation Jukka Salo, jukka.salo (at)