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Sustainable Development website published


The University of Lapland has published its Sustainable Development website. The pages introduce you to our activities supporting sustainable development as part of WWF’s Green Office network.

Last year the main campus was granted the right to use the Green Office logo. We use it to inform people that our environmental policy fulfils the criteria set by WWF.

The pages also contain the three-year environmental programme that supports our Green Office activities on the main campus. In addition to our environmental principles, it describes our concrete goals and the measures to reach them. The site also has instructions and guides that help you make daily choices contributing to the reduction of our environmental load.

For example, one of the core goals of the programme is to reduce the annual production of combustible and landfill waste on the campus by 5% before 2020. By developing our sorting system we have already reduced the production of this waste by 1.5% during the first year. The work on reducing our environmental impact is based on continuous improvement.

The university’s environmental work is carried out by the Green Office team that consists of our personnel, students, service providers, and an external environmental designer. You can send questions and suggestions to the team through the web pages. You can also use the feedback channel to enrol in our environmental work.

In addition to our Green Office activities, the website asserts our strong commitment to handling environmental issues in the domains of science and art. In many cases the research carried out at the university focuses on global environmental themes, especially those related to the northern environment. Various environmental themes are also discussed in many academic subjects and study modules.

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