The Arctic Advantages

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Here’s what you really need to know about studying at the University of Lapland! Our International Student Ambassador Dominika has identified some basic and practical advantages that make your life and studying at the Arctic Circle ever so easy.

Can you imagine that you might NOT be asked to spend several hundreds of euros on required books and other study material? This might come as a surprise to you, but the university library most likely has all the publications you may need. If it happens so, that they don’t have what you need, the library in Kuopio has it for sure, and you know what the best part is? You may order your book online free of charge and pick it up in just a few days at your own university, how cool is that? Even if you need a course book or you study a new language, there are usually several copies of books, so you don’t need to struggle with buying online and waiting for weeks.

And let’s say that you caught a cold. Well yeah, the weather tends to be tricky every now and then, in fact you are living on the edge of the Arctic Circle, so it might be possible to catch a seasonal sniffle. But you still have this super-amazingly-awesome lecture at 9.00 which you don’t want to miss, on the other hand how nice it would be to see a doctor… Oh no, what do you do?

Well, so it happens that the Finnish Student Health Service office is located in the very same building as your university and in case of some health problems or toothache you can come by even between the classes and make an appointment with an assistance of the nicest and most helpful lady in the reception.

Another thing, if you worry about your tight budget and thinking about how nice it would be to have a part time job, but you haven’t mastered your Finnish language skills yet, so you worry that it might be a problem for a foreigner to find anything… Well, good that you have come to Lapland, one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Europe with the majority of international tourists, hence there is so much opportunities for the international students too! If you want a job, you will get one, for sure!

But let’s say that you are not an adrenaline junkie or you are not quite ready for an experience of a lifetime and for devoting yourself to snowmobile safaris or reindeer and husky rides, and for working in the tourism industry (then again, who wouldn’t be? that’s the greatest industry there is!), but you prefer more intellectual approach or some project preferably related to your field of study. In that case I’m pleased to say that it’s a university with nearly 5,000 students and there’s plenty of things going on all the time! There might be a conference with an international audience where your input would be a great help, there might be a professor who would kindly appreciate a bit of assistance with his/her research, there might be a project in which you can participate, where you can gain experience and build up your professional network. Opportunity is endless, all you need to do is to keep your eyes and ears open.

There’s one more thing. The application period for the international Master’s Degree Programmes is now on! You just need to apply and be ready to join out Arctic Dream Team!