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Tomi Tuominen invited to talk in Luxembourg


University lecturer Tomi Tuominen from the Faculty of Law has been invited to talk at a conference on the Economic and Monetary Union organized at the Max Planck Institute in Luxembourg.

Tuominen will speak in the conference’s opening panel, which is on the common economic policy of the Eurozone Member States. The other panel members are Alberto de Gregorio Merino (Director of the Legal Service of the Council of the European Union), Jean-Paul Keppenne (Director of the Legal Service of the European Commission) and professor Alexandre de Streel (Namur University, Belgium). 

The conference is organized by Dublin City University with the intention of bringing together the leading scholars on Economic and Monetary Union law. The conference relates to a forthcoming book on the topic.

More information:


Tomi Tuominen, tomi.tuominen@ulapland.fi


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