UMG magazine is here again!


UMG is a digital and print media publication produced by the master’s level students of the University of Lapland. The magazine addresses the study and field of graphic design.

This is the 10th time UMG magazine is being made, and this years theme is ‘Light and Dark’. UMG is an abbreviation that changes every year, and this year it stands for Umbra Magic Glow. Our magazine’s visual storytelling consists from light to dark, and from the colour-scale that exists between these two extremes. To mention a few, we talk in our magazine about experiences as an exchange-student, our professor of graphic design talks about her thoughts, we handle some anti-advertisements and we talk about how light and dark affect us. The magazine is entirely designed and produced by students, and it also serves as a demonstration of skill for Master’s Degree students.

The printed magazine will be published at the end of May. It will be distributed free of charge to events and partners. We have also produced an online magazine which you can check out at

As an ad-on in the message there is a picture that can be used if you should mention our magazine somewhere.


We also have our social media channels that you can check out:


Instagram: @umgmagazine


UMG-team 2019


Emma Chudoba
Kristiina Jermakka
Jutta Mykrä
Noora Kotajärvi
Eeva Sutela
Niina Silvasti
Heidi Tauriainen
Tirsa Toivonen
Maria Tuunanen
Petteri Voutilainen


Guiding teachers:

Mirja Lönegren, online magazine: mirja.lonegren[at]

Niina Walter, printed magazine:[at]


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