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UMG magazine is here again!


UMG is a digital and print media publication produced by the master’s level students of the University of Lapland. It is now being released for the ninth time. The magazine addresses the study and field of graphic design.

This year the UMG magazine consists of three separate parts, each of which deals with a graphic designer’s journey from their own points of view. The first part is called Unforgettable, and it reflects on our background and the sources of inspiration that lead us to the field of graphic design. The second part is called Morphing, and it covers graphic design today, University studies and our transition into a work environment. The third and final part, Global, examines our field’s future and development. Together, these three magazines make up the story of an Unbelievable Metamorphosis into a Graphic designer.

The online magazine has finally been published and can be accessed at http://graphic.fi/umg2018
The printed magazine will be published in May. It will be distributed free of charge to events and partners.

You can read more about the magazine and its manufacturing process from social media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/umglehti
Instagram: @umgmagazine https://www.instagram.com/umgmagazine/

UMG Working Group 2018


Meri Aisala
Alisa Ala-Könni
Elli Alasaari
Helmi Hakuri
Liina Hautakoski
Jenni Hautamäki
Meri Heikkilä
Siiri Hirsiaho
Tia Huusko
Ella Jokinen
Heidi Lintula
Lotta Nykänen
Annika Pudas
Marjaana Rusi
Veera Tolvanen

The teachers guiding the project:

Mirja Lönegren, online magazine: mirja.lonegren[at]ulapland.fi
Pia Keränen, printed magazine: pia.keranen[at]ulapland.fi
Leena Raappana-Luiro, printed magazine: leena.raappana-luiro[at]ulapland.fi
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