Ulalla: PhD students special episode


New Ulalla episode includes doctoral students of University of Lapland interviews about their research topics. In this episode Terhi Rintamäki, Danielle Zsifkovits, Malgorzata Smieszek, Daumantas Bockus and Kristiina Koskinen tells about their research.

In this episode Terhi Rintamäki (Faculty of Social Sciences) tells the journey of a violently killed corps from the crime scene to the grave. Danielle Zsifkovits tells how service designers communicate service design. Kristiina Koskinen tells about Nature documentaries. Malgorzata Smieszek tells about her research about Arctic Council and Daumantas Bockus tells about Sustainable spa development in Baltic and Nordic countries. In the end of this episode Kristiina Koskinen tells Nature documentaries.

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0:00-6:58: Terhi Rintamäki
6:58-9:36: Danielle Zsifkovits
9:36-15:13: Malgorzata Smieszek
15:15-22:50: Daumantas Bockus
22:50-29:47: Kristiina Koskinen

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Communication specialist
Johan-Eerik Kukko