University of Lapland awards 18 honorary doctorates


The fifth ceremonial conferment of degrees at the University of Lapland takes place between 15 and 18 May 2019. Altogether 18 honorary doctorates are conferred on selected persons as a recognition of their significant contribution to science or art.

The University of Lapland confers honorary doctorates on persons who have developed our research and teaching activities, advanced our international collaboration, or disseminated knowledge on Lapland’s culture and businesses.

The title of honorary doctor is the highest academic recognition awarded by universities.

Honorary doctors of education

David Gaba, Professor, University of Stanford

Elina Lahelma, Professor (emerita), University of Helsinki

John Storgårds, Conductor, Lapland Chamber Orchestra

Honorary doctors of law

Jan Borm, Professor, Vice-Rector, The University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Nadezhda Andreevna Chertova, Professor, Vice-Rector, Northern Arctic Federal University

Honorary doctors of social sciences

Tim Ingold, Professor, University of Aberdeen

Kirste Paltto, Writer

Marja Vaarama, Professor, University of Eastern Finland

Oran Young (AK), Professor (emeritus), University of California

Honorary doctors of art

Petteri Laiti, Craftsman

Rosa Liksom, Artist, Writer

Päikki Priha, Doctor of Arts, Aalto University

Virpi Suutari, Film Director

Honorary doctors of philosophy

Albert II, Prince of Monaco

Johanna Ikäheimo, Chair of Board of Directors, Lappset Group Oy

Hannes Manninen, Kaupunkineuvos (Finnish honorary title)

Tuomas Pöysti, Chancellor of Justice

Marianne Wagner-Prenner, President of the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal

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