News 2022

University of Lapland guidelines for spring 2022: Campus-oriented work mode as of 14 March


The university makes a flexible and comprehensive transition into a campus-oriented work mode as of 14 March 2022.

The policy is effective for the time being and it can be changed based on the Covid-19 situation. The academic year 2022–2023 can be planned normally in a campus-oriented manner. Our official guidelines for autumn 2022 will be defined at the end of the spring term.

Teaching arrangements and working on campus

Contact teaching is increased, and special attention is paid to helping students become members of the community in a more comprehensive manner. Various forms of contact, online, and hybrid teaching will be used according to what is optimal for learning. Teachers in charge of courses inform the registered students about teaching arrangements. The LUC Teaching and Student Support Services get prepared for the return to campus by enhancing counselling and guidance.

All the university premises are at the disposal of students and staff and they can be used for organising events. The organiser of an event is in charge of ensuring health security and making a safety plan. National restrictions are followed in the university restaurants.

New hybrid work practices are used, and they are updated on the intranet.

As for meetings arranged by the university, the call for meeting must state whether attendance is possible only on site, on site and online, or only online.

In practical training, the guidelines of the practice provider are followed.

Corona-related instructions

The recommendation to wear a mask is effective and concerns both vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons. The instructions of the local health officials are followed in our recommendations. Practice good personal hygiene in the university premises and do not visit them when sick or when you have symptoms.

When sick, you may be absent from work without a medical certificate, which means that you stay at home for five days starting from the beginning of the coronavirus symptoms. If the sickness lasts longer, you must get a sick leave certificate from the occupational health service. If you can work during the coronavirus infection, you may agree with your supervisor on working remotely during the five days of absence.

Students are not allowed to participate in contact teaching or to visit our premises when sick. When sick, you must discuss with the teacher whether it is possible to study independently during your absence. Absences are reported to teachers as before. See also the FSHS instructions on using their services during the pandemic.

Further information:
Antti Syväjärvi, Rector, antti.syvajarvi(at), tel. +358 400 606 244
Ari Konu, Director of Administration, ari.konu(at), tel. +358 40 735 2007