Lapland Law Review

About the Journal

The Lapland Law Review is an academic journal established in 2009 an Internet-based publication. Published semi-annually the Review is offered as a public service by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lapland. It may be read and downloaded free of charge.

The Review publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles, commentaries and notes on diverse branches of law by legal scholars, students and practitioners. It also welcomes book reviews, short conference or policy reports, and announcements of specific events.

The editors warmly welcome you to read the Review and would be grateful for any feedback, in particular suggestions for improving the content, the reach and the presentation of the journal.

About the second issue

The second issue of the Lapland Law Review Flexibility in Contracting is edited by Soili Nystén-Haarala, Thomas D. Barton and Jaakko Kujala.

Over a two-year period, Professor Nystén-Haarala periodically convened a group of lawyers and scholars from several countries in Europe,
the United Kingdom, Russia, Asia, and the USA. Their collective task was to consider and study the idea of flexibility of contracts.
Participants from different countries were encouraged to collaborate, so as to open up the original perspectives from
which they first approached the idea of contractual flexibility. Some undertook interview projects, some designed empirical surveys,
and some approached the questions analytically rather than empirically. The work was partly funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and
led by Professor Nystén-Haarala. The chapters in this issue are the results of this collaborative research and the several workshops covering the topics.
ISSN-L 2242-3206
ISSN 2242-3206