Conference at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland, 25–27 August 2014

Conference organizer: Feeniks – Art and culture in the mental and material reconstruction process following the Lapland War

This conference is directed at researchers, students and others whose interests include the processes of reconstruction – mental as well as material – that take place following wars and other collective disasters. The conference is dealing with the memory, remembering and recollecting; forgetting, remaining silent and being silenced; or other topics relating to material and mental reconstruction on the individual or communal levels.

The keynote speakers at the conference will be 
-  Ville Kivimäki, Research Fellow, PhD, University of Helsinki
-  Timothy Ashplant, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Life-Writing Research, King's College, London, UK 
Veli-Pekka Lehtola, Professor of Sámi culture, Giellagas Institute for Sámi studies, University of Oulu, Finland

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