The Nordic Network on Chinese Thought (NNCT) is a Nordic network consisting of China scholars and scholars interested in Chinese thought (classical, modern and contemporary) from the Nordic countries. It was founded in Spring 2021. NNCT is a non-profit organization and does not engage in any political activity.


The purpose of the NNCT is to promote and facilitate discussion of Nordic scholars on Chinese philosophy and history of ideas within the sinosphere and to provide a platform for open and critical dialogue, as well as for sharing topical research ideas and papers on Chinese thought. The NNCP will also advance collaboration and dialogue with Asian scholars on related topics.

One important aim of the NNCT is to bring together scholars and students approaching Chinese thought from diverse angles in a way which inspires each member to reach out and to learn from the approaches of others.


All students and scholars that have a link (i.e. birth, education or research project) to Nordic countries and China studies can join the activities of the NNCT. The membership is free of charge. 


One of the major activities of NNCT are seminars on on-going research or presentations on completed research projects. The NNCT also arranges workshops, study events and lectures in the field of Chinese thought. The events will be arranged both online and in contact form (when possible).


The NNCT is managed by the University of Lapland. The organizational structure of the network is designed to be as minimal as possible. The network’s activities are based on suggestions from the members, and the arrangement of the events is the responsibility of the representative member of the University of Lapland (Matti Nojonen).

Supported by

We are grateful for Joel Toivola Foundation that provided 5000 € grant for the establishment and activities of NNCT.