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Pedagogical practices of educational institutions in the Arctic regions: adaptation and identity of young people

17.5.2021 0:00–0:00

Session at the UArctic Congress 2021, on Monday, 17 May at 14.00 – 15.00 GMT (Iceland time zone).

Session time: Monday, 17 May at 14.00 – 15.00 GMT (Iceland time zone)

Session abstract:

Youth, regardless of culture face challenges in the development of their Identity and navigation towards adulthood. Indigenous youth can face greater challenges while learning to balance traditional knowledge and modern culture influenced heavily by colonial/settler perspectives. Teachers, through education and holistic supports have long been identified as critical supports in youth development. Our panel will share stories from research of teaching and teacher education and discuss the unique challenges that youth in Arctic regions negotiate, and how teachers can support students. The topics include: inclusive practices, co-learning, mental health, language and identity development.


  • Gregor Maxwell, UiT The Arctic University of Norway: Approaches to Inclusive practice for youth in Norway
  • Kathy Snow, University of Prince Edward Island: Youth responding to suicide in community- turning grief into empowerment through identity development
  • Natalia Flotskaya, Northern (Arctic) Federal University: Professional orientation of young people-representatives of the Indigenous peoples of the North of Russia
  • Tuija Turunen, University of Lapland: Promoting young Sami children’s language skills and identity building living outside of traditional Sami area.
  • Lars Demant-Poort, University of Greenland: High school students and student teachers exploring Polar Science fieldwork through the Joint Science Education Project

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