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New intern has started working with UArctic and UNESCO/UNITWIN networks on Teacher Education


Titta Myllyniemi, Intercultural education student from University of Oulu has started her intership at University of Lapland.

Titta Myllyniemi has started a 3-month internship at the University of Lapland. She is working with project manager Janette Peltokorpi with UNITWIN/UNESCO Network on Teacher Education and UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education.

Titta lives in Oulu and has settled well into the North. She is exited about the new learning opportunities and challenges to come. She is a Bachelor’s level student at the University of Oulu majoring in Intercultural Education (ITE) Primary School Teacher’s Program and having German Philology as minor subject. Titta is passionate about teacher education and working with it on different levels. The special interest she has on the UArctic and UNITWIN/UNESCO Networks on Teacher Education are Indigenous Education and Inclusive Education. Connecting the local and global perspectives fascinate her, and it’s what she is aiming to bring into classrooms as future primary teacher. Learning how networks function and also developing skills in international settings are important goals for her thematic practice.

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Titta Myllyniemi