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The editors Karen Trimmer, Pigga Keskitalo and Debra Hoven in book launch.

A book launch and a seminar about indigenous pedagogy was held – the recording is now available!


UArctic Thematic Network held a seminar and a book launch event on 11th of March at the University of Lapland.

The seminar was held in two parts. The first part of the seminar included two presentations. First presentation was held by professor Karen Timmer (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) and professor Debra Hoven (Athabasca University, Kanada). They presented their experiences of academic supervision work among students with indigenous heritage.

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The second presentation was held by associate professor Benedikte Brincker (University of Copenhagen, Denmark). Her presentation was about the motivational aspects of students and teachers in the special circumstances of Greenland. 

The second part of the seminar consisted of the publications of the book "Indigenous Postgraduate Education: Intercultural Perspectives" and it is edited by Karen Timmer (University of Southern Queensland, Australia), Debra Hoven (Athabasca University, Kanada) and associate professor Pigga Keskitalo (University of Lapland, Finland). The book discusses the experiences of indigenous doctoral thesis students’. 

The seminar was recorded and the recording is now available in the YouTube channel of the network. The recording, as well as all the other network materials are available in the Resource Center.