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A video on Arctic Pedagogy by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has published a video about pedagogical practices in the Arctic region. UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education has been a part of writing the script for and determining the appearance of the video.

Part of maintaining and developing sustainable and good lifestyle in the Arctic region is having both access to quality education and having teachers who are committed in providing that. As the Chair of the Arctic Council, Finland has initiated a project called “Teacher Education for Diversity and Equality in the Arctic”. The main focal points in the project are sharing knowledge about pedagogy in the Arctic region and indigenous pedagogy, innovative approaches to education in remote and sparsely populated areas, community-based education and the effective use of digital tools and learning environments as a mean of providing equal access to good education.

Watch the video in the YouTube channel of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland >