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Invitation to contribute to book


Each participating country in the Thematic Network is invited to contribute to the year book "Including the North: Comparative study of inclusion policies in the circumpolar North", to be published in March 2019.

The opening chapter will describe the international drivers of inclusive policies. The final chapter will summarise.  

We would like to invite each participating country in the thematic network to write a chapter approximately 4000 words in length about their own national policy context. Authors may wish to consider policy in its widest sense, including legislation and policy documents at different levels, how they are being enacted within the historical and cultural context of the individual country.

Key words that might be useful: social justice, diversity, cultural sensitivity, indigenous education, inclusion, additional support needs / special education needs, teacher education, sustainability, digitalisation. These are just suggestions, you may identify other important national foci.

To get the process started please could each country identify a lead person for this project who will communicate with the editors.  Please will the lead person in each country send us a 200 word outline of the topics they think they will cover by 15th December, to support us when drafting the book proposal. Send to Jenny Spratt at

Proposed timeline:

Book proposal:         December 2017, meeting in January 2018
First drafts:             May 31, 2018
Review:                 June-August, 2018, meeting in June 2018
Final drafts:            September 2018
Conclusions written:   October-November
Proof reading etc:      December
Publishing:             January-March 2019


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