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Network webinar on Pre-Service Teachers’ Experiences of Learning to Enact Inclusive Pedagogy


From University of Aberdeen Dr Peter Mtika and Dr Archie Graham, with recognition to Dr Dean Robson and Lindsay MacDougall, will present the webinar titled "Pre-service Teachers’ Lived Experiences of Learning to Enact Inclusive Pedagogy in Schools Located in High Poverty Environments".

The webinar will be held on 28th October at 4pm (UTC+0) and is open for everyone. The presentation is approx. 20-45 minutes long and after that is time for discussion, in total the webinar's duration is an hour.

Webinar will be held in Teams (join by clicking this link). When joining the webinar meeting, please keep your microphone closed when not speaking. The webinar will be also recorded and published for open access.

The webinar’s abstract
This paper reports on Year 1 findings from part of a larger 3-year project, supported by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Council of Deans of Education, to research teacher education pedagogies and induction strategies to better prepare early career teachers to make a positive difference for SIMD 1-40 communities. In Scotland, areas of social and economic deprivation are identified using the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) (Scottish Government, 2016). The paper contributes to an expanding body of work on the Scottish inclusive practice project (Florian and Rouse, 2009), with a view to further understanding the preparation of new teachers to enact inclusive pedagogy.

The webinar is part of  joint activities of UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education and UNITWIN/UNESCO Network on Teacher Education.


Florian, L. & Rouse, M. (2009). The inclusive practice project in Scotland: Teacher education for inclusive education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. 25, pp594-601
Scottish Government. (2016). Introducing the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2016. Accessed 16 January 2020: