Openings: Research Seminar in Legal Studies


In March 2018, 14.-16.3, Faculty of Legal Sciences of the University of Lapland organizes a Research Seminar on the theme Openings.

Like film director Jean-Luc Godard once said, “I must have an idea and then discover it.” In this spirt, the seminar looks for those ideas and problems that put research in motion. The presentations may deal with tentative proposals, preliminary starting points of research, intended as temporary only. In the case of more advanced projects, presentations may go back to the original plans and assumptions of research, and tell how they later developed – or vanished.

The purpose of the seminar is to provide researchers a possibility to tell about their research openings. Alternatively, researchers may focus on methodological questions, either in general or as related to one’s own research.

Seminar will take place in Rovaniemi, at the University of Lapland. Doctoral students will be credited the sections Theory or Method in their required study curriculum by contributing to the seminar.

Call for Papers, information about registration, and the tentative program

Please address your inquiries to Iris Kestilä, paradigma@ulapland.fi



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