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The fourth Arctic5 workshop started to create online work spaces


The Arctic Five universities had their fourth workshop about Joint Online Masters Course on the Arctic Inclusive Pedagogy in Oulu on 29th-30th October in Oulu, Finland. This Nordplus Higher Education funded project gathered educators and administrative staff from all the Arctic5 universities.

There were participants from five universities:
Luleå University of Technology: Eva Alerby, Niclas Ekberg, Kattis Edström and Theres Brännmark
University of Lapland: Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä, Jaana Severidt, Pigga Keskitalo, Janette Peltokorpi, Karita Arminen, Malla Örn and Jenna Kaakko
University of Oulu: Marko Kielinen, Marjatta Takala, Suvi Kauppinen and Jani Haapakoski
Umeå University: Björn Norlin, Carina Rönnqvist and Ahmad Hussein
UiT The Arctic University of Norway: Gregor Maxwell, Brynjar Sollid, Pål Anders Opdal and Camilla Takøy

Continuing the work that was achieved in the previous workshops, this workshop focused especially on the administrative issues, details of the curriculum and to the development of online learning environments. The workshop was the first face-to-face meeting of second project year.

The administrative staff focused on the practicalities of the cross-national, joint master course. This work was carried on, and most of the issues were addressed and solutions were found. 

On pedagogical point of view, the main focus was on the development of the online learning environments. The agreed platform is OpenMoodle, and the project group had a training focused on that. In groups, each focusing on one the three section, the first drafts of the OpenMoodle environments was created. 

The plan is to run the course for the first time in autumn 2020. Long-term goal is to develop curriculum towards common Nordic Master program.

The Arctic Five Education group has also develop its own visual identity, which can be viewed in the project webpage.