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University of Lapland joins the International Year of Indigenous Languages


UNESCO and UN are co-organizing International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019. The aim of the IY2019 is to raise awareness of the Indigenous languages, to support revitalization and maintenance of Indigenous languages and to empower Indigenous language speakers and cultures.

University of Lapland, the leading organization of UArctic TN Teacher Education and UNITWIN/UNESCO network on Teacher Ecucation has joined the International Year of Indigenous Languages. University of Lapland invites also other network members to join this special year, as it gives a great possibility to participate in revitalizing the Indigenous languages and to do significant collaboration for the future of Indigenous languages and cultures. Joining the IY2019 is free of charge.

University of Lapland plans to organize events under the themes of indigenous languages and indigenous education during the year 2019. As the theme is very close to the themes of Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity, the events can be organized in collaboration with the UNITWIN/UNESCO and UArctic networks on teacher education.

Read more about IY2019 here.