Laura Tarvainen

Ph.D. Candidate

My PhD research is called “Construction of Vulnerability. Victims of Torture in asylum process.” I am interested in embedded and embodied vulnerability as socially constructed and as a changing concept.  I use vulnerability theory as a lens through which it is possible to research welfare in different structures and systems, where the state has a responsibility to produce resilience that can lessen our universal vulnerability.    Welfare is produced in different processes and structures and I am interested of researching how, on the one hand universal vulnerability, and on the other hand, particular vulnerability is being constructed. I am currently writing an article on undocumented migrants as particularly marginalized and criminalized people whose marginalization, criminalization and position as vulnerable are being produced in current legal and societal systems. I am also interested how knowledge is being produced in different systems (medical versus legal knowledge)  and what is being considered as relevant and valid knowledge in different processes. I have been as a visiting researcher at VU Amsterdam and various times as visiting researcher at Lund University, where I belong to Lund-Uppsala migration law research group, to vulnerability research group as well as Health Law research group.