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The Annual Conference of the Finnish Political Science Association
Democracy’s Troublemakers

University of Lapland 14.-15. March 2019

Politics is broken, as the saying goes. Not only does the political system favour opportunistic individuals, but it raises reckless leaders to the top and gives rise to decisions that citizens constantly object to. Since we also live the times of ‘post-truth politics’, we often do not know the origins of information, its real purpose, or even the true identities of those who ultimately stand behind it.

In the midst of the current crises of political trust, it is easy to forget that the history of politics is, to a large extent, about unconventional situations and unpredicted actions. Access to truthful information and the possibility to discuss it in public are historical achievements, not something that was ever taken for granted. It may be easy to identify democracy’s heroes and troublemakers in the past, but more difficult to tell who they are today. If there is no certainty about much else, then at least that the present time poses a particular challenge to political judgment.

The University of Lapland at Rovaniemi hosts the 51. Annual Conference of the Finnish Political Science Association. We invite both Finnish and international experts to the Arctic Circle to discuss democracy, civic engagement and disobedience, the upcoming national and European elections, and other timely and timeless political issues. The conference takes place in the main building of the University of Lapland on 14–15 March 2019.

Participation in the Annual Conference is free of charge for:
- FPSA Members
- Members of Nordiska administrativa förbundet finska avdelning rf

Call for Papers: The Annual Conference of the Finnish Political Science Association

The Annual Conference of the Finnish Political Science Association is organized at the University of Lapland on 14.–5. March 2019. The conference theme is Democracy’s Troublemakers.

Proposals for presentations should be sent no later than January 31st 2019 to the chairpeople of the working groups. Please give contact and affiliation information, a title, and a short description of your presentation. Additional information on the working groups is available in conference webpage.

Questions can be addressed to conference secretary Johan-Eerik Kukko (

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Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Tapio Nykänen
040 484 4253

secretary of the organizing committee

Johan-Eerik Kukko
040 484 4416