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Workshops for data management planning


Are you preparing an application to the Academy of Finland? The compulsory attachments of the Academy application include a Data Management Plan (DMP). If you need support to prepare your DMP, you are welcome to one of our workshops!

To prepare your DMP, you may use the DMPTuuli –tool or write your plan without it. The structure of the DMP is the same in both cases.


We organize workshops both in Finnish and in English. The workshops are open to all researchers without pre-registration!


Workshop in English:


Tuesday 10.9.  at 13-16

Place:              Pilke, Ounasjoentie 6, room: Porstua


Suomenkieliset työpajat:

maanantai 9.9.                      klo 9.15-15
perjantai 13.9.                       klo 9.15-15


Molemmat suomenkieliset työpajat pidetään yliopiston päärakennuksella:

atk-luokka 121, A-siipi, 1.krs



The workshop starts with a general instruction and then we proceed into your specific questions and challenges. We have reserved three hours for the workshop, but you may use as little or as much time with your DMP as you need, and you are free to leave when you feel you have received the support you need. Remember to take your laptop and research plan with you!



The workshops are organized collaboratively by library and research services.


More information:

Liisa Hallikainen, library, liisa.hallikainen (at) ulapland.fi

Petra Falin, research services, petra.falin (at) ulapland.fi


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