Instructions for teachers - Making an exam

  • Start the computer, use Firefox or Chrome browsers.
  • Log in to with your university account username and password.
  • If you don't have teachers rights, send an email to
  • After you log in to exam system, you see the dashboard
  • On  the righthand side, there is green button Create new exam, push it and you can choose what kind of exam you want to create (general, personal, maturity or paper exam)

create new exam.jpg

  • Add the course code, the system shows the name of the course. Add exam name and press Save button.
  • On basic information page add type of examination, grading scale, instructions during the exam and exam booking. Press Save button and move on to questions.
  • Add section name, for example the name of the book. Then press Add new question button or if you have already added question to question bank pick it  up from there. 

    add questions.jpg

  • Please notice that if you use randomize questions, the questions' grading scale has to be same.
  • After adding all questions move on to publish page and add exam period, duration and maximum trial count (how many times the exam can be taken before evaluation).
  • Then press publish button and the students can make reservations.