Programme and Book of Abstracts

Collection of Papers


Some practical guidance of the proceedings of the sessions.

Each paper presentation is scheduled to be 25 minutes. Session rooms will be equipped with a computer with internet connection and Window 7 package as well as microphones. Please download your PowerPoint-presentation in memory stick at home and download it onto the session room computer desktop well before your session. Our workshop assistants will help you with this and make sure that all presentations have been downloaded before session start. We do not recommend the use of your own laptop as this will help the sessions to run more fluently. Session chair has important responsibility to follow the clock and warn if the time is running out.

After the paper presentation the assigned discussant has his/her turn to point out comments and suggestions. Discussant has eight minutes to do this. Here are some key points. Briefly summarize the contribution in the paper, and relate it to the state of the research in the area. You can do this by highlighting key ideas, identifying key themes across the papers, posing challenging questions, and suggesting important directions for future work. Read the paper several times and make notes about strengths and weaknesses. Critically analyze what the author(s) has (have) done and raise questions about assumptions, methods and interpretation of findings, but emphasize the constructive in your comments: advance the paper by providing new ideas or perspectives to improve the paper. Feedback about minor or idiosyncratic issues can be given to the author(s) in writing. Discussant can give his/her presentation also as PowerPoint-slides.

After discussant's presentation there is seven minutes for general discussion.