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The conference takes place in Pyhätunturi in Finnish Lapland. Pyhä is located about 130 kilometers from Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and the biggest city in the reason. The best way to reach Pyhätunturi is to walk/bike/take a train or a bus/fly/drive to Rovaniemi. The colloquium will provide transportation from Rovaniemi city center/airport to the conference center in Pyhä.

The Colloquium programme takes place at Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava's conference facilities. Lunches and dinners are held at Café Loimu, which is in the same building. Hotel Pyhätunturi is about 900 meters from Naava. This distance will be covered by foot.

Getting there

We recommend that you first come to Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. The Colloquium will provide transportation from Rovaniemi to Pyhä and back (travel time approx. 2 hours). The conference bus is operated by Kutilan Liikenne and you will find the Peaceful Coexistence -logo (and us organizers!) on the bus.

You can hop on the conference bus from Rovaniemi to Pyhä on Tuesday the 6th of June at any of the following pick-up points:

  • 17:30 departure from University of Lapland. Bus will meet you in front of the main entrance (Yliopistonkatu 8, 96300, Rovaniemi, Finland)
  • 17:45 departure from Rovaniemi city center. Bus will meet you in front of Hotel Pohjanhovi (Pohjanpuistikko 2, 96200, Rovaniemi, Finland)
  • 18:00 departure from Rovaniemi Airport (Lentokentäntie, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland. The bus will meet you in front of the terminal.

Please make sure you come to the pick-up point in time - the bus will leave at the announced time!

The return bus will leave Pyhä on the 9th of June at 12:10 p.m. in front of Hotel Pyhätunturi and 12:20 p.m. in front of Naava. It will drop off passengers in the following stops (approximate arrival times:

  • 14:20 Rovaniemi airport
  • 14:35 Rovaniemi city center (Hotelli Pohjanhovi)
  • 14:45 Rovaniemi railway station
  • 15:00 University of Lapland (if needed)

If you choose not to take our transportation, there are a few options for you:

1) drive to Pyhä yourself. The address of the conference hotel Hotel Pyhätunturi is Kultakeronkatu 21, 98530 Pyhätunturi, Finland. The conference center is called Luontokeskus Naava and its address is Luontotie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi, Finland.

The easiest route to Pyhä goes along either the E75 road or E63 road. The E75 road goes through bigger cities like Jyväskylä, Oulu, Kemi and Rovaniemi. The E63 road goes through Kuopio, Kajaani, Kuusamo and Kemijärvi.

While driving to Pyhä, pay attention to the grey and furry reindeer which might run on the road.

2) take a bus from Rovaniemi to Pyhätunturi. You can find the schedules from Matkahuolto.

Getting to Rovaniemi

By train: There are multiple day and night trains from Helsinki and other cities in Finland to Rovaniemi daily, see VR for timetables. Travel time from Helsinki is around 9-11 hours. We recommend taking the night train, which is a comfortable and ecological choice

By plane: You can fly to Rovaniemi from Helsinki, Finland, which is well-served from European, American and Asian destinations. See at least Finnair and Norwegian. Flight time is around 1 hour 20 minutes.

By bus: Rovaniemi is served by long-distance buses from cities such as Oulu, see Matkahuolto for timetables.

By car: Rovaniemi is located by the Artic Circle, about 800 km from the Finnish capital Helsinki.

Getting around in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi airport is located about 8 km to the north of the city. You can take a taxi (Aluetaksi Oy's taxi from the airport to the city should cost around 20-25 €, +358200 88 000) or an airport bus (7 €) from the airport to the city. You can also search for local traffic bus schedules here

Rovaniemi train station is about 1,5 km from the city center.

You can find a map of Rovaniemi here.


The conference accommodation is in Hotel Pyhätunturi. The price is 80,1 € for a single room, 89,1 € for a double room (including breakfast). IMPORTANT NOTE: Please book the hotel when signing up! We have negotiated special prices for the hotel guests. Since June is off-season, the hotel is open only for the hotel guests. Please see Registration, fees and accommodation for more information on the conference hotel and for the registration link.

There are plenty of accommodation options in Rovaniemi if you need to spend a night there before or after the conference. You can find hotels, guest houses and apartments through booking sites as and apartments/rooms on Airbnb.

How to prepare and what to bring with you

Pyhätunturi is a small ski resort and in June most shops there are closed. There is a supermarket near the conference hotel and a sports bar. We recommend you to take with you any medication and personal items you might need. There are pharmacies and lots of other shops available in Rovaniemi.

The overall dress code for the conference is “Be yourself” – we just want you to be comfortable. Most of the program will be indoors in a conference center. However, some of the program takes place outdoors: there are short hikes on Wednesday and Thursday (optional). There will be a shorter walk on Wednesday, which includes going uphill, but is otherwise an easy route. On Thursday, the hike will be longer. We will offer three options with different lengths and level of difficulty. If you wish to take the longest hike, hiking boots are a must.

June is summer is Finland, but the temperature can be anything between -1 degrees Celsius and + 30 degrees Celsius. The hikes go into fell areas, where it is often windy.

We recommend you to pack the following:

  • Multiple layers of clothing
  • Water- and windproof clothing
  • Hat and gloves
  • Hiking boots or sturdy jogging/running shoes, preferably waterproof
  • Wearing trekking socks/seamless socks/two socks on top of each other to prevent chafing
  • Maybe a small backpack for the hikes

What to wear_v1.jpg

Outdoors happenings

We have two outdoors activities in the Colloquium program: a shorter walk on Wednesday and a longer one on Thursday. The organizers will bring snacks and drinks along on both days. You can find information on Pyhä area's trails here.

Wednesday’s Walk & Talk Outdoors Happening leaves from Hotel Pyhätunturi at 17:00 and come back around 19:00. This is a relaxed walk into the nearby nature of Pyhätunturi. It will allow you to walk at your own pace, whilst talking to other participants and getting to know them.

Thursday’s Outdoors Happening leaves from Hotel Pyhätunturi at 16:00 and comes back around 19:00. We have three route available for you, varying in length and difficulty. Option number 1: a leisurely, short route to Isokuru, with plenty of time to enjoy tofu sausages by the fire at a laavu. Option 2: a bit longer route to Karhunjuomalampi, with time to enjoy snacks too. Option 3: the “pro-level” route, which takes you on top of the Noitatunturi fell. PLEASE NOTE: If you take Option 3, proper hiking boots. This group also leaves a bit earlier to make it back in time for dinner.  

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Visit Rovaniemi

Welcome to Lapland!

Local weather (Pyhätunturi is located in Pelkosenniemi municipality)


We are a group of critical-minded scholars from various fields, interested in developing new, radical ways for thinking of human-nature relations.

Scientific committee  

Anu Valtonen, University of Lapland (Head of the Committee)
Paolo Farah, West Virginia University, gLAWcal - Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development
José-Carlos García-Rosell, University of Lapland
Pasi Heikkurinen, University of Leeds
Jenny Rinkinen, Lancaster University
Tiina Seppälä, University of Lapland
Joonas Vola, University of Lapland

Coordinator: Piritta Parkkari, University of Lapland

Organizing committee
Essi Kuure, University of Lapland
Pikka-Maaria Laine, University of Lapland
Susan Meriläinen, University of Lapland
Outi Rantala, University of Lapland

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